Donation Request

PLEASE NOTE: We have a NEW donation request process. Please read the instructions carefully.
By giving back to our local organizations, TASTE helps to build a better community. If you would like your organization or cause to be considered by TASTE for support, please complete the request below. Requests by phone, mail, direct email, and walk-in cannot be accepted.
Contributions such as gift cards, gift baskets, food donations, and special discounts are provided directly from our stores. If you are requesting one of these types of donations, please choose one TASTE store only for your request. Eligible nonprofit organizations must operate on the local level (or be an affiliate/chapter of a larger organization that operates locally) and directly benefit the service area of the store from which they are requesting the donation.
Monetary donations and sponsorship requests, on the other hand, are considered at a corporate level. If you are requesting one of these types of donations, please choose TASTE HQ for your request.
Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we ask that the application be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. In order to support as many community organizations as we can, we are only able to contribute to each organization or cause once within a calendar year. Support is subject to monthly and annual caps and therefore applications should be submitted as early possible.
If we are able to fulfill your request, we will notify you between two months and two weeks out from your event. If we are not able to fulfill your request due to any of the above reasons, you may follow up within one month of your event by sending an email to the store from which you requested the donation. However, please do not follow up via phone or walk-in. In the event that we are not able to make a contribution at this time, we hope that you will keep TASTE in mind for future opportunities.



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