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by Becky Loomis

I like to set the mood for my Father's Day menu planning by putting on my favorite country playlist called “Men Who Sound Like They Can Fix Things”. After that I cut up some early summer fruit from the farmstand and soak it with a bottle of Pinot Grigio. It's a combination that helps me think happy, uncomplicated thoughts. This year as I was settling into my routine it occurred to me -- I don’t know if Blake Shelton is a father, but he has made it okay for tall, handsome truck-driving men to sip sangria, so this year instead of drinking it purely for inspiration, I could pair it with something meaty and make it an official part of the Father’s Day meal.

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By Becky Loomis

Don’t get me wrong - I will never turn down a strawberry shortcake made with Nancy Silverton’s all-butter biscuits and real whipped cream. Nonetheless I have a lingering childhood suspicion of fruit passed off as dessert and my preferred use of in-season local strawberries, aside from snacking, is salad.

Here’s one to try, followed by a cocktail recipe. Making salad reminds me of swimsuit season, and suddenly I’m thirsty for something with a tiny umbrella in it.

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April 23rd is National Picnic Day, and I know all of my friends will be expecting me to arrive with a basket full of fried chicken and deviled eggs in one hand, and a bottle of Patron-laced kombucha in the other. But I find as much inspiration for my picnics in a Renoir painting, or in a film by his son, as I do in...


By Becky Loomis

Specialty olive oil makes a wonderful hostess gift. I’m not going to pretend this was my idea. Meghan Markle must have tweeted it because it’s definitely a thing now, and it is great for me because I like to turn all of my vegetables into french fries, which you can do in an oven and call roasting. Roasting is quite nutritious.

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By Patrick Evans-Hylton

There’s convenience food and food that’s convenient. And, being pressed for time is understandable at Valentine's Day, because of course you want to spend the most time you can with your lovey-dovey, which makes this dish all the more relevant now. With a store full of quality, chef-prepared dishes, award-winning specialty food products, amazing beers and wine, and more, one of TASTE’s seven (soon to be eight) locations is the place for food that’s convenient.

No breakfast is complete without maple syrup. Whether you enjoy atop waffles, pancakes or French toast, maple syrup is the quintessential breakfast accompaniment. Saturday, December 17 is National Maple Syrup Day - a day to pay homage to a breakfast staple. This season we are loving our newest addition to the TASTE pantry, Finding Home Maple Syrup from Finding Home Farms.