Happy Birthday TASTE!


By Sabra Coe Young

TASTE turns 43 today! That means I’m a little more than 43, but I’m excited nonetheless. When TASTE was about to open in 1973 I have a distinct memory of Dad - Peter Coe, TASTE’s founder - walking me across Hilltop West’s unpaved parking lot in Virginia Beach to show off the wine and cheese shop that he was about to open - Taste Unlimited. Weeks later cheeses from around the world, freshly baked breads and everything you needed to entertain for the holidays no longer had to be purchased in New York City, Philadelphia or DC but instead were available here in Tidewater. While a great deal has changed since the early 70’s, our desire to bring a bit of the good life closer to home hasn’t changed a bit.

On this 43rd Anniversary TASTE is undergoing a rebirth while retaining its traditions. Our new Headquarters in Virginia Beach is almost complete. As we settle into the new space you will start to see new housemade creations coming out of our state of the art kitchen and bakehouse. We’ve also launched a new website and online store and are looking towards 2017 with a return to Ghent. We have much to be thankful for and lots to look forward to on this celebratory day!

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