New Honey Roasted Peanut

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TASTE has introduced a new Honey Roasted Peanut to our collection of signature and specialty nuts. This all-natural peanut is cooked in small batches and roasted with a light amber honey. Like TASTE’s other nut products, it is made with no artificial additives or preservatives. Available in a 10.5 ounce can for $6.99, this peanut is available at all seven TASTE locations and online.

“We are excited to add this new product to our lineup, comments Peter Pruden, Co-Owner and Retail Buyer at TASTE. “Our customers have clamored for a product like this for years and now we can provide a sweet solution.” The TASTE family of nuts consists of ten distinct flavors, including pistachios, almonds, jumbo Virginia peanuts, beach crunch snack mix and many others, and have become a staple in the retail locations and in many gift boxes.

With a sweet and savory flavor profile, this new nut is perfect for snacking at the beach, enjoying on a weeknight or including in a gift basket. If you are feeling a bit nutty, stop in and satisfy your cravings.


  1. Virginia peanuts are known far and wide as the best in the world.
  2. TASTE has 10 other nuts in the lineup from Pistachios to Beach Crunch Mix to Jumbo Virginia Peanuts.
  3. Peanuts are a healthy snack: Ounce for ounce, peanuts contain almost 30 times as much resveratol as grapes, which are often touted as being one of the few good sources of the antioxidant (source: The Peanut Institute). A protein powerhouse, peanuts are cholesterol-free, as well as a good source of folate, vitamin E, minerals, and monounsaturated fats—the good type of fat. When consumed in moderation, peanuts may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  4. Peanuts are great for eating and gifting - who doesn't love peanuts!
  5. Crunchy, premium Virginia peanuts are wonderful salad and dessert toppers and well suited to Asian dishes.