Serving Size (g)
Cal. From Fat
Total Fat (g)
Sat. Fat (G)
Chol. (mg)
Sodium (mg)
Carbohydrates (g)
Dietary Fiber (g)
Sugars (g)
Protein (g)
Signature Sandwiches
1/2 Bayville Farms12931912915650775301220
1/2 Beach Club18438917420758990323423
1/2 Boardwalk172412188216481255352521
1/2 Freemason175215607210415293310
1/2 Ghent1623311111346060028<11027
1/2 Great Neck19831912114443975302220
1/2 Hilltop12829411813438975271218
1/2 Inlet1773811621873573533<1821
1/2 Lafayette13032215417633750312313
1/2 Lynnhaven1984291882188579028<1433
1/2 Northender211412192227451140354322
1/2 Princess Anne14432214917518475365410
1/2 Tidewater16441821124773935271224
1/2 Virginian20430912414443163026<1421
Signature Salads
House Salad133226165183.510018084210
Cobb Salad206271151175145860123220
Chicken Caesar Salad199266110124581951931123.5
Thai Chicken Salad233358186214455002441022
Seasonal Menu
1/2 Ham & Harvest Apple18140523026555915292815
Shrimp Roll271400190214.5135920342718
1/2 Turkey & Stuffing569845250284501615124103225
Fall Farmstand Salad1772701301552511028.54.5177.5
Chicken & Feta Salad2275002452777045042.582030
Kids Menu
PB& J262870369417085011065123
Bento Box Turkey215511163187609905731029
Bento Box Ham2154941711986012005731025
Bento Box Hummus231550330371345960304<119
*Product data is based on standard portion sizes. Some variation can be expected due to the nature of using hand-sliced breads and slight differences in product assembly by employees.