Serving Size (g)
Cal. From Fat
Total Fat (g)
Sat. Fat (G)
Chol. (mg)
Sodium (mg)
Carbohydrates (g)
Dietary Fiber (g)
Sugars (g)
Protein (g)
Signature Sandwiches
Bayville Farms25863825830121001550602440M, E
Beach Club37276036040131251590523751M, E
Boardwalk34482437642129625107041042M, E
Freemason35043012014420830586620M, E
Ghent32466222226812012005622054M, E
Great Neck396638242288861950604440M, E
Hilltop256588236268761950542436M, E
Inlet35476232436147014706621642V, M, E
Lafayette2606443083412661500624626M, E
Lynnhaven39685837642161701580562866M, E
Northender4228243844414902280708644M, E
Princess Anne2886442983410369507210820V, M, E
Tidewater32883642248141461870542448M, E
Virginian4081218248288863260542842M, E
Seasonal Sandwiches
Crab Cake354800510571115512304231026SF, M, E
Grilled Chicken Salad275470170192.555950563823E
North Carolina Pulled Pork28661028032108518205532426M, E
Poblano Relleno3739103804214>52280102121128VG
Signature Salads
House Salad133226165183.510018084210GF, E
Cobb Salad206271151175145860123220M, E, F
Chicken Caesar Salad199266110124581951931124M, E, F
Thai Chicken Salad233358186214455002441022N
Seasonal Salads
Fresh Berry3543701802016403103572514VG, GF
Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette2670707101040>1000VG, GF
Creamy Chipotle Dressing47806061>53006>13>1VG
Seasonal Soups
Brunswick Stew3935151.50.558530>12M
Kids Menu
Bento Box Turkey215511163187609905731029M
PB& J262870369417085011065123V, N
Everyday Sides
Signature Potato Salad34452530.5>5mg65500>1GF, E
Signature Coleslaw26353030.5>5mg502010GF, M, E
Tuscan Tortellini33603540.5>5mg7550>11M
Classic Chicken Salad3480505125700007GF, E
Curried Chicken Salad34805051156510>15GF, E
Blackened Tuna34906071.5151200005GF, E, F
*Product data is based on standard portion sizes. Some variation can be expected due to the nature of using hand-sliced breads and slight differences in product assembly by employees. **Allergen Key: GF = Gluten Free, VG = Vegan, V = Vegetarian, M = Contains Milk, N = Contains Nuts, E = Contains Eggs, F = Contains Fish, SF = Contains Shellfish