Ales & Eats: An Oktoberfest Brew-Ha-Ha

Ales & Eats: An Oktoberfest Brew-Ha-Ha
Price: $39.99
Thursday, September 27 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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It’s autumn, and as the earth shifts a bit on its axis, cooler days and longer nights are part of our landscape for the upcoming months. Those aren’t the only changes; our palates typically reflect the season, and at our next Ales & Eats class, the brews we will be pouring are typical of just that. Join host Patrick Evans-Hylton and brewmaster Kevin Erskine of Coelacanth Brewing (located in Norfolk) as they lead us through some of their seasonal favorite beers. The curated selections are perfectly paired with treats from Chef Thomas’ kitchen. You’ll be led through effective ways to taste as you enjoy a fun and informational evening. A great way to celebrate Oktoberfest!