Sip & Learn: Wine 101

Sip & Learn: Wine 101
Price: $49.99
Thursday, June 1
6:30pm to 8:30pm
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Sommelier Crystal Cameron-Schaad will take you to the far reaches of the world one sip at time as she leads you through a 90-minute wine education, sensory analysis & tasting experience. You’ll taste through a selection of six “noble” grape varieties and learn what makes each one unique. This class will help take your wine appreciation to another level by fully engaging all of your senses. By the end of the evening you will learn: the evolution of wine, how to determine the acidity, alcohol & tannins in your wine, how climate & winemaking technique affect the flavor profile of wine, how to properly hold a wine glass, and the proper serving temperature & wine storage.


Join Sommelier Crystal Cameron-Schaad of Crystal Palate for a wine education class that will lead you through six wine tastings. From berry to bottle, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the fruit of the vine. In each class, you will learn about the different regions, climates and winemaking techniques that make each selection distinct.