Borjo Coffeehouse

Fairly Serious Coffee

Borjo Coffeehouse, established in 2004 in Norfolk, joined the TASTE family in 2016, bringing Fairly Serious Coffee to all TASTE locations. Borjo Coffee is a blend of Fair Trade and Organic Beans sourced from Sumatra, Peru, Ethiopia and Guatemala. Locally roasted in Gloucester County by our friends at Mahogany Roasters, it's a perfect blend of bold, smooth coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate.

Borjo Coffeehouse offers a different menu than TASTE Cafés.

Borjo Coffeehouse

4416 Monarch Way
Norfolk, VA 23508
Coffeehouse Hours

Monday - Friday 7AM - 7PM
Saturday - Sunday 7AM - 2PM
Our last day of business will be Saturday, December 14. Please come see us before we close our doors!

Coffeehouse Menu

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