Micah Henning

GM, Borjo Coffeehouse

Joined Team TASTE in: 2017
Hometown: I have lived all over the East Coast, but my hometown is Emmaus, PA.
Background: I have worked with, and managed, several different coffee shops all over. I’ve worked mainly in New York City with a coffee company called “Filtered.” I first started learning the chemistry behind what makes coffee good, when I started at Lenox Coffee in Harlem, NYC. Those are the same owners of The Chipped Cup, Double Dutch Espresso, and Filtered Coffee. I have worked with several large companies under Stumptown Coffee Roasters/ Pete’s, Grumpy, Counter Culture, Blue Bottle, etc. I have learned to craft what makes espresso good, as well as, how to manipulate flavor through different aspects and steps in the coffee brewing process. I am happy to bring that knowledge to the TASTE Community, as well as, learning new styles and coffees myself!
About Me: Outside of TASTE, I find myself pursuing my acting/music career. I trained in Manhattan at, “The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.” Any opportunity in that field, that I notice, I try to audition for. Or help in some way. Any involvement is a learning experience. Even if it’s not what you were hoping for. It is a challenging field to break into, but that makes it that much better when I get work. I am also creating my own music and playing throughout Norfolk. Whenever I am not at work, I usually am working on a side project of my own.